LOCA for Brands

LOCA welcomes international, national and local brands, across 14 industries.

Whether you are a product, store, service, experience, media, event or industry service LOCA will work for you.

Memberships come as standard with 5 users and can be set up by the in-house team or agency.

Key brand users include PR’s, Marketeers, VIP/Influencer teams, Founders, Executives, Creative Directors, PA's, Events and Digital teams.

Stay front of mind 24/7

Showcase your activity and content directly to leading press, talent, digital influencers, opinion formers and brands. 

  • Share images, look books and campaigns
  • Share physical and digital shows, launches and events
  • Show off collaborations and recent press
  • Link social media 
  • Share press releases, job vacancies and big news 
  • Add locations, press offices and stockists 
  • Add the key team and what they do

Find brands and individuals to work with

Say goodbye to researching who's new, mass out of date directories and cold calling.

Say hello to an A-Z of the best at your fingertips to private message directly!

  • Find ambassadors and campaign faces
  • Connect with press, media and influencers 
  • Connect with creatives and content creators 
  • Find brands and services to collaborate with 
  • Connect with stores and boutiques
  • Find PR agencies and consultants  

With over 2000+ attributes to search by the connections are endless...

Send VIP perks

Say goodbye to plastic VIP cards sitting in drawers.

Say hello to sending perks and experiences digitally, increasing organic advocacy, product placement and sales.

  • Send % off perks to get members supporting and using your products and services when they need them or visit your location. 
  • Send experience perks so members can get a taster of your service, class, treatment 
  • Send strategic perks to target certain individuals or push new products, services or openings. 
  • Send as many as you like to whoever you like! 

Gift through LOCA

Say goodbye to un-targeted gifting, reducing waste, time and money.

Say hello to letting the recipient decide, and building lasting relationships. 

  • Send gifts to connect or say thanks 
  • Search members to gift by their interests 
  • Create gift list ( to one or many)
  • Add details and imagery
  • Get direct replies 

Send event invites

Say goodbye to spreadsheets, event invites going to the wrong contacts and chasing for RSVPs. 

Say hello to getting the right people to your events. 

  • Invite members to launches, openings, sample sales, dinners...
  • Create live or online events 
  • Get real time RSVPs notifications 
  • Update details to make guests aware
  • Check your guests in 
  • Done! 

Send styling intentions

Say goodbye to sending intentions that are never to hand when needed.

Say hello to sending style intentions that makes members aware you would like to dress or beautify them for forthcoming appearances. 

  • Be at the top of their list when the member, stylists or the team need to call on you
  • Get the right people wearing your creations 
  • Make up the faces and style the locks of talent, press, key figures...
  • Share style lists with your global teams, so all aware of who is on the list

Get involved

Help us keep the community smiling and positive about the future.

There are so many ways brands and their teams can get involved...

  • Send perks and experiences  
  • Attend online events and join the conversation 
  • Share your knowledge and advice with others   
  • Invite your network to join
  • Own a part of LOCA... get in touch for more!

The place to showcase your clients to the people that count!

Julia Perowne, Founder, Perowne International

See you online!