LOCA for Individuals

LOCA welcomes new and established individuals across 14 industries.

Whether you are a performer, creative, digital influencer, journalist, lifestyle expert, business leader or sports personality LOCA will work for you.

Memberships come as standard with 5 users and can be set up by the Individual, their team or agency and users from both can be added to the profile to manage and increase opportunities.

Key individual users include Managers, Publicists, PA’s, Stylists, Agents and the Individuals themselves.

Showcase your work 24/7

Share work and content with leading press, brands, services, creatives and opinion formers

  • Add all your professions and skills
  • Share portfolios, media kits, press coverage, red carpet...
  • Show off collaborations, partnerships and ambassadorships
  • Link social media 
  • Update location so users know you're in town 
  • Add the key team and what they do for you

Find brands and individuals to work with

Connect with brands and individuals for work or play! 


  • Collaboration, ambassadorship and work opportunities
  • Discover brands to feature or endorse 
  • Discover new brands to wear 
  • Creatives and content creators to work with
  • Brands, hotels, restaurants, gyms and salons to support and visit 
  • Lifestyle experts to make life easier
  • Agents, publicists and stylists to add to your team

Agents goodbye to an avalanche of un-targeted emails and hello to a LOCA inbox of opportunities 

Receive LOCA perks

Say hello to your little black book of perks from top brands!  


  • Exclusive discounts and experiences helping you support brands and services at this time and beyond!
  • Gifts for you to accept or decline 

Agents, say goodbye to unsolicited gifting piling up in cupboards and give talent access to a directory of perks to play with! 

Receive event invites

Say hello to invites to launches, parties, dinners and more…

  • Attend online or offline events across industries 
  • RSVP instantly (and change if needed)
  • Add to calendar 
  • Get updates of changes to location/time/date
  • Use map to find venue  

Agents, say goodbye to piles of paper invites, PR's chasing and updating calendars to share with teams.

Receive styling intentions

Be event ready at the touch of a button 

(even if that might be at home for now!) 

  • See brands that have offered to dress or beautify you 
  • Contact team directly to send requests 
  • Find stores and press offices on the go
  • Let your stylist and team access your style intentions 

Agents and stylists, say goodbye to last minute panics to get talent appearance ready! 

Get involved

Help us keep the network smiling and positive for the future! 

  • Get involved in fun activities 
  • Share your advice and knowledge with others 
  • Invite your network to benefit from the platform 
  • Own a part of LOCA - get in touch for more...  

LOCA will take the industry forward and facilitate both brands and talent.

Simon Chambers, Storm Management

See you online!